Ferris Robin works with both private and government entities to manufacture aviation softgoods of premium quality. With great consideration of the client’s specific design needs and whatever the size of the project, we guarantee on-time delivery and a production process done with passion and integrity.


Ferris Robin manufactures aviation softgoods for commercial aerospace companies, no matter the size and reach. With our facilities located in an airport, we are able to produce and deliver on time any item that our clients require, without compromising product integrity and quality.  


The items that we manufacture in our Washington State headquarters contribute to an aircraft’s overall atmosphere of security, style, and comfort. We make seat cushions and upholstery, interiors, curtains, and many similar items. We are proud to play a part in keeping modern aviation a safe and comfortable experience for everyone.

Government / Military

Our team of expert craftsmen can tackle government and military projects of any scale. This is made possible by our commitment to quality and integrity and by having a 6000 sq. ft facility equipped with top-of-the-line industrial sewing machines and tools. Whether for keeping our government officials safe or for transporting precious cargo, we manufacture softgoods that pass rigorous quality checks. They become integral parts of aircrafts that help our country, the community, and the world.


We are proud to have contributed to the mobile hospital rooms that Delta Flight Products developed to treat and transport U.S. military members with COVID-19. Ferris Robin skilled craftsmen made the restraint nets that separate each jump seat in the medical pods that Delta Flight Products constructed.