With over 50 years of history in aerospace product manufacturing, our story began with a WWII Navy pilot’s dream to set a new standard for quality in the industry. We live and continue this tradition in Skagit Valley, Washington.


Each member of the Ferris Robin team is a skilled craftsman. As sewing contractors and industrial sewing operators for the aerospace industry, we take pride in every stitch and every detail in every product that comes out of our facility.


At Ferris Robin, we work to meet all the material, form, and functional quality requirements of our customers in order to help them achieve a competitive edge in their respective markets. We deliver on time and only quality goods, complemented with our hallmark excellent customer service.


With our commitment to integrity and quality, Ferris Robin manufactures aviation industry aftermarket and spares products that meet the highest possible standards with premium value. We offer solutions and materials that are not only more affordable but also guarantee long-term reliability and durability.

What We Make

We specialize in producing a wide range of airline softgoods for the aviation industry. We make cushions, seat covers, interiors, curtains, and many similar items. We are proud to play a part in keeping modern aviation a safe and comfortable experience for everyone. Take a look at some of the products that our skilled craftsmen have produced.

Our Products at the Aircraft Interiors Expo Hamburg

Featured Project

We are proud to have made contributions to the mobile hospital rooms that Delta Flight Products developed to treat and transport U.S. military members with COVID-19. Ferris Robin manufactured the restraint nets that separate each jump seat in the medical pods.

The Air Force is making headway on a new method to transport COVID-19 patients aboard military cargo aircraft, thanks to a transport module called the Negatively Pressurized Conex, or NPC. Read More …


We have proudly provided aerospace softgoods for:

Where We Manufacture

Our products are 100% locally-made. Ferris Robin is located in Mount Vernon, Washington. At our facility, we can easily scale a project to fit our client’s needs and still commit to deliver quality goods and on time.