Atelier - a french word describing a workshop where a master craftsman trains apprentices

Inside our atelier we are working on high quality, limited edition satchels and valises made in the USA. What exactly do we mean when we say “limited edition?” Each item in each edition is numbered. That number will never exceed more than 25 each, sometimes limited to less than 10. This allows us to create satchels and valises from wonderful, unique fabrics and leathers that are often purchased from limited supplies. Our goal is to create exclusive, limited edition satchels, valises and other leather goods using the best materials and the highest craftsmanship.

In order to achieve this, we are training select individuals in our atelier. We look for people who demonstrate the talent and interest to be creative, technical and above all have an eye for quality.

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There is as much attention to detail on the inside of the bag as there is on the outside.