About Us

With a commitment to quality craftsmanship comes a second generation of aerospace textile product manufacturers who take pride in their work and take care of their customers. In fact, they are setting a new standard for quality in aerospace softgoods. Their commitment to these values is a family tradition, rooted so deep it's practically in their DNA. The company name pays tribute to the man who taught them that craftsmanship means quality through and through.


 How It Began

Over 50 years ago, a former WWII Navy pilot, naval flight instructor, and crop duster landed his red-winged biplane at Boeing Field in Seattle, Washington, and taxied up to the flat-topped building he'd recently leased. It was the fulfillment to his dream: to use his skills as an expert upholsterer and sewing-machine operator and deliver unmatched quality to the aerospace industry. Fueling him was his firm belief that his work could surpass industry quality standards. Elwood Ferris Tresner, known as "Tres" to all who met him, quickly made a name for himself in never missing a delivery deadline and going above and beyond to meet customer satisfaction.



Tres's employees were craftsmen he'd trained. They included his children, in whom he ingrained the importance of hard work and commitment to the customer. Tres taught them that attention to detail matters, believing that these were vital traits for any high-quality craftsman. Tres retired from the industry at age 90. His commitment to quality and his love of aerospace lives on in a 21st century company owned and operated by one of his daughters, Robin Carpenter, whom he named after the Curtiss Robin aircraft. Robin, in turn, has named her company Ferris Robin LLD after her father as a tribute to a Master craftsman and Aviator.


 The Tradition Continues

Today, Ferris Robin Manufacturing operates at a location farther north from where it all began. It is located at the Skagit Regional Airport in Burlington, Washington, near the foothills of the Cascade Mountains, where in the spring, daffodils and tulips blanket the fields with color. It's a small airport, but a busy one. While business and private aircraft taxi for takeoff out on the tarmac, inside one of the hangars, power sewing machines and tools hum as the commitment to customer satisfaction continues with Ferris Robin becoming AS9100 certified by spring of 2020. Always striving to improve the quality, on time delivery and customer satisfaction, the tradition continues over 50 years later.